About Us

The Home In Family

We are a close group of friends that have worked together for many years sourcing the best products to bring to market and believe strongly you shouldn’t have to break the bank to furnish your home with quality furniture.

Here at Home In Online we believe that small is beautiful when it comes to providing you with quality furniture at the best possible value, so that you benefit from the savings we make by keeping our team small and our costs as low as possible.


Meet The Team


Our founder, a family man that likes nothing more in his down time than spending the day out with his boys at the Rugby supporting their team.


Our Supply Chain Specialist, loves to keep our spirits up with his Irish wit and is always kept on his toes by his very active but gorgeous pair of Labradoodles.


Our Operations Manager, a keen explorer and photographer who, as well as keeping our ship running smoothly, loves to travel the world and dive tropical reefs.


Our Customer Care Manager, she loves nothing more than absorbing art, history and languages to increase her understanding of culture and the wider world around her.


Our Purchasing Manager, a keen DIYer who is always looking for ways to get his hands dirty and create that perfect homely feel.


Your Shopping Experience

Shopping on-line can be a rather dull experience and here at Home In Online we are striving to bring some fun to your shopping experience while keeping your journey through our site as simple and user friendly as possible.


Working For You

Here at Home In Online our experience tells us that what matters most to our customers is Quality, Value and Care and we work our little socks off to live and breathe these values so that you get the most from shopping at Home In Online:


All our products are tried and tested to ensure that they will live up to the rigors of your modern busy home.


By keeping our running costs to an absolute minimum, and our supply chain as short as possible, we are able to bring you great products at the best possible prices.


We understand that you want the smoothest possible journey on-line to fill your home with quality furniture, and that if there are any bumps in the road, we are on hand to guide you and get everything back on track for you.


Working For Others

In this world of ever-increasing wealth gaps, where the corporate giants grow at a rapid rate and are only interested in their own wealth, we feel strongly that every company whatever its size should be paying their tax fairly and contributing back to society. That is why we pay all UK taxes fairly in the UK, where they belong.

We also donate 10% of all profits from this website to our partner charities and give you the option to select the one that means the most to you to enjoy a larger portion of the donations. You can learn more here https://homeinonline.com/charity


Working For Us

We get our satisfaction from aspiring to bring you the absolute best in on-line shopping experience, we are continually stretching ourselves to find ways to improve your experience and provide you with the best range of home furniture available. We thrive on overcoming challenges and using our skills to better ourselves and what we offer you and the wider community.

We are always on the lookout for new and exciting products so if you make quality home furnishing, or have seen the perfect items elsewhere, that you would like us to stock and make available for your friends and family to buy, just drop us a line at info@homeinonline.com