Design Capsule: Parisian

At Home In Online we know how to travel. Described as the most romantic city in the world, Paris offers couples – young and old – a sense of serenity and a chance to enjoy its beauty when they walk the picturesque Parisian streets, arm-in-arm. The architecture and tone of the streets in the French capital can capture the hearts of anyone who walks along them. If you have experienced this, or even if you have yet to breathe in the Parisian air, why not create your own sanctuary in the place you are likely to need it the most – your home office.

The soft pink and grey hues that line the streets welcome everyone into the city with the kind of warmth you experience when you visit your grandparents on Christmas Eve. It can’t quite be explained, but it can certainly be felt. Well, imagine that level of calm and warmth on a daily basis, allowing you to focus on your work and remain at ease as much as possible.

While some offices have a terribly corporate and impersonal feel, with a Parisian theme you can turn this stereotype on its head. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to achieve the decadent and relaxing office you deserve.



Parisian décor, much like its fashion, takes the form of either decadent and stylish or chic and distressed. Once you have decided which route you would like to go down, it is time to begin adorning your space with accessories that complement your chosen style. Floral stationary, shabby-chic artwork, and rugs and cushions in the necessary shades of grey or dusky pink will really endorse that serenity that Paris offers its visitors. However, if you were opting for the more eccentric and high-end Paris feel, then gold leaf and silver ornaments are where you need to turn attention. Often a brushed gold colour keeps things feeling warm and homely. Visit our website for the UK's most chic and stylish home office furniture and give your work space some glamour.



There has been a recent resurgence of distressed and light shades of wood furniture for the home. This trend can also be transferred and implemented in the office; for a Parisian room, perhaps this could mean a white office desk. If you have already adorned other parts of your home with this style of décor, then your office will fit in seamlessly. If, on the other hand, this is a new avenue for you to venture down, it will allow you to separate your working space and your living space. Consider feature wallpaper, fancy lighting complete with brushed brass light switches, not forgetting embossed or feature storage options which could include boxes, drawers or filing options.



Something often overlooked when it comes to creating a themed room is the smell of it. There are different scents everywhere we go, and these help us to establish where we are and what mood we are in. If there is a particular scent that reminds you of a great break in Paris, or one that fills you with warmth and contentment, then invest in some fragrance apparatus; this could include candles, incense sticks or plug-in air fresheners.


This Home In Online blog post has covered just some of the ways you can incorporate a particular city, in this instance Paris, into your working space. So go on, get reminiscing and bring your home office some love from Paris.


29th December 2014

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