How To Keep Your Momentum While Working At Home

Imagination needs a vision in order for things to take shape. However, said vision can be difficult to come by when you are sat staring at a grey wall, in a confined office space. Artists and creative minds work in some of the most varied ways, but most importantly, they need to be able to think outside of the box.

For some, this includes a long walk with lots of fresh air and the opportunity to clear their mind of all the superfluous information they have gathered over the day. However, others simply need a beautiful image or inspiring words in front of them to allow thoughts to flow freely.

If you work in an industry that requires any form of individual thought, originality or creativity there needs to be some scope for the mind to observe its surroundings and perform the creative process. So what better way to indulge in this than by equipping your Home In Online home office desk with something that will stimulate the mind in times that require motivation and encouragement.

Let’s identify some of the most prominent forms of inspiration and discuss what can be done to incorporate these into your workspace, without overpowering the environment.



For some workers, it can be something as simplistic as a splash of colour that will invite the brain to engage itself. Bright colours are often related to energy and drive, creating a get-up-and-go attitude; especially useful for workers based at home. Being at home can create too much of a laid back approach, sometimes allowing standards and productivity to drop. Visit our website for the UK's most awe inspiring home office furniture now!



A lot of scientific research has been done to try and establish whether or not music creates a better working environment. There have been various responses and outcomes, but to save you having to research this yourself, rest assured it is all based on personal preference. If you find that you are someone who is very easily distracted and that you are more focussed on changing the song or singing along, music might not be wise. Perhaps try music that has no singing, and is purely instrumental, so as not to use too much of your brain’s capacity to listen to lyrics.


Direct Inspiration

Quotes from world leaders, philanthropists, philosophers or maybe it's even the guys and gals in the office at Home In Online - whoever it is that offers you those words that stay with you and get you through the day – get them up in front of you. Whether it is a picture of the person with their quote or simply a postcard with the words scrawled across the back; it will allow this inspiration to be at the forefront of your mind throughout the working day.


Working from home is likely to be the best change you have ever made. However, it can very quickly become overcrowded with distractions and complacency – to nip this in the bud, act fast and act now. Splash some paint on those drab walls and get your mind back into fifth gear.


26th December 2014

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