How To Maintain Your Home Office

Truthfully, at Home In Online we know that working from home means that we all sit back, kick back a little and throw our feet up on the desk. There are no colleagues there to complain about the smelly pasta dish still sat there from the weekend before. Nor is there anyone telling you to clean up your piles of paperwork  which could be mistaken for supporting walls in the office. If this sounds familiar in any way, then you might want to read on and get hold of some tips for keeping on top of your home workspace.

So let’s get going, and get you clued up on some of the simple and basic ways to ensure that your home office doesn’t begin to resemble a teenager’s bedroom.



Undoubtedly, the classic fuel of any office worker is tea and biscuits; but when was the last time you had a clear out of all the cups that are now accumulating on your desk instead of in the sink? If you have milk in your tea or coffee and you leave the dregs lying around, they are unlikely to be giving off a pleasant scent.

Crack a window open, it won’t kill you. You spend 7-9 hours a day in one room; it is definitely going to start smelling a little funky if there is no flow of fresh air circulating. It is also wise to keep something on your feet; yes you’re at home, but if there were to be any visitors to your office, they won’t get past the door with homely smells circulating! Clear everything away as soon as it is done with. Simple.



Offices are renowned for getting dusty, whether they are commercial offices or at home. Dust is made up of all sorts of particles, but largely it is flakes of dead skin cells (delightful). However, with you spending so much time in one place, dust will accumulate very rapidly. Combat this by opening a window and having a duster and polish to hand on your home office desk. Ideally you should be dusting daily; this will also help to keep germs and bacteria at bay, potentially helping keep your sick days to a minimum.



No one is suggesting that everything be in date and alphabetical order, but some order is better than that growing pile on the floor. Consider purchasing a cabinet and having a clear out of all unnecessary documents that have built up. Then organise the remaining filing into a logical order. Organisation on your computer or laptop desktop is also a worthy investment of your time. The mantra at Home In Online is, that of a tidy room means a tidy mind. After all, do you really need any extra stress or inconvenience while searching for a client file?


These are some of the simplest and most basic means of keeping on top of your home office. Once you get into the habit of having some housekeeping standards it will be much easier to maintain and repeat in the future. So what are you waiting for? Get working on that pile of paperwork!


24th December 2014

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