Your Home Office Goes Nautical

Here at Home In Online we know there is something tranquil and reassuring about a nautical theme, whether it is used at a restaurant or as a fashion choice; it is a classic and very versatile style. Now, you needn’t have a yacht or a direct interest in the seas of the world to go for a nautical theme in your office. It might just be enough to give your office space definition though, so you don’t associate being at work with your home.

Typical nautical colours include blue, white and red; all of which can be incorporated in all kinds of ways, that perhaps have not occurred to you before. Of course, we aren’t quite suggesting that you start transforming your home into the Titanic, complete with chandeliers and wooden split staircases. Rather, use small and personable additions to your office space that would allow for some personality and originality. After all, you will be spending a lot of time in there, and what better surroundings than something calming and tranquil?



For those of you that prefer ‘big and bold’ additions to the home, consider taking a trip to a local antique shop, second-hand stores or even just a car boot sale. The items you can pick up from these places can really vary - you’ll have good days and bad days. Think bottled ships, rope, nautical artwork or even (if you can find one) a ship’s wheel that would have formed part of the helm. If you would like something a little less extravagant, consider some simple small changes, such as paintings or a feature wall in a nautical colour.



While we aren’t suggesting that you go out and purchase a lifeboat to transform into a desk, it is easy to utilise your furniture in a nautical theme. If you are going with a colour scheme, consider a white office desk to which you could then apply thick rope around the sides. Red and blue desk accessories, such as pen pots and mouse mats could also add a splash of colour to the desk. You can simply reupholster you office chair, or even just pop a nautical themed cushion on it.



Together with accessories and furniture, lighting can be a real deal breaker when it comes to redecorating your office with a particular theme in mind. Lighting can be customised with different coloured bulbs to offer a change in the ambience, whether this is a blue tint or simply a more subtle shade of lighting. Lampshades and desk lamps are another way you can accessorise and create a clear nautical theme within your new vessel.


We have described just a few ways that will allow you to recreate your office space with Home In Online and add some personality. So the next time you are near the beach, be sure to pick up a few shells and any other bits and pieces you can find dotted along the shoreline, for a truly authentic nautical feel.


22nd December 2014

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