How To Design A Home Office Oasis

So you are finally sprucing up your overworked and underappreciated home office. You have a brand new corner desk courtesy of Home In Online, the comfiest ergonomic chair in the world, and what can only be described as a totally blank canvas. What now?

Well, you will no doubt have some kind of vision or direction you want to go in with the design and decoration. It may be that you want your home office to resemble a cosy turn of the century reading room, or you may prefer a very sleek and clean contemporary design. Whatever your personal tastes, you need to ensure you create a workspace that is both superb in terms of productivity, and personal to you.

If, however, you do not have a design in mind then you may want to consider creating a home office oasis. Now, this sounds slightly more complicated than it actually is; you don’t have to fill the room with lush green plants, nor do you have to recreate the tranquillity of a spa. You just need to design the room using nature as inspiration, and decorate it accordingly.

Colour is the easiest way to transform a room and make it a worthy oasis, followed by natural textures and oasis-friendly finishing touches. Combined, these elements can really create a tranquil and inspiring space for you to work in. Visit our website for the sheer luxury when it comes to home office furniture!


For a closer look at the elements of an oasis inspired home office, read on.



Subtle, muted tones inspired by nature work well together to create a tranquil and natural vibe. Think about different shades of green and brown, as well as fresher whites and creams. For a pop of colour, try burnt orange.



Whilst a glass top desk will provide a crisp and clean finish in an oasis inspired room, to really follow the theme through, you need natural materials like wood. You aren’t limited as to the shade of the wood – or even as to whether it is painted or not – but a wooden desk will pull the room together far better than a plastic or metal alternative. Keep the fabrics light, like chiffon or cotton, or natural like wool and hessian.


Finishing Touches

The key to a home office oasis is to keep it clutter-free and subtle. Live plants are a good way to accessorise the room, plus they are good for both physical and mental health, not to mention brightening up the room. If you want to keep things natural and simple but feel the need to add a pop of colour, try strategically placing some delicate flowers around the room. Desk accessories and other finishing touches should, where possible, be made of natural materials like wood, cardboard and the like.


Now, depending on just how subtle you want your oasis to be, you can go all out with these elements. Alternatively, you can just pull out certain key pieces to make a subtle difference to the decoration. However you decide to go about it, you will find yourself more productive working in a peaceful, fresh and inspiring work environment. So make the most of the outdoors and turn your home office and desk into a bonafide oasis by visiting Home In Online today!

19th December 2014

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