Home Office Décor: Modern Minimalism

Having a designated home office and a quality desk from Home In Online to work at is highly beneficial, whether you are an undergraduate slogging through your dissertation or a business owner building a small empire. By keeping everything in one place, organised and efficient just like any other commercial office, you can optimise you working day. An orderly filing cabinet, a spacious work surface and properly set up equipment all help keep you focused and productive at work, whether you are coming up with an astounding new strategy or just responding to your 112 emails.

As well as organising your days and setting your desk up with productivity and functionality in mind, you also need to create a space in which you will be able to work to your full potential. Of course, practicality and logistics play a part in this, but so do style and personal preference.

If you feel most inspired when surrounded by bright colours, textures and interesting items or artwork then a contemporary office with blank walls and clean lines will not appeal. Similarly, if you like being organised and clutter-free, an eclectically decorated room with lots of nooks and crannies will not be conducive to a good working day.

Whilst your home office is meant to be work centred, ignoring the character and decoration of the room will only affect your ability to use it in the long run. You need to create a space that appeals to you, so you see work as an inviting and (dare we say it) enjoyable experience. This is why décor and design is so important; a lick of paint and some well chosen furnishings can transform a pokey and uninspiring home office into a business hub and hive of creativity. There are a million and one styles to choose from though, so you really need to think about your personality, your tastes, and how they will balance with your optimal working style. Once you have decided on the style, the fun part is bringing your design to life.

To start you off with some design inspiration, we have put together the below tips for designing a modern, minimalist office. It is often said that a clear desk helps to clear the mind and boost productivity. This is because your mind (and desk) is not cluttered with an endless list of tasks to do, so read on to see why and how keeping it clutter-free is a top idea.


Colours and Textures

Neutral, easy-to-coordinate colours are the basis of modern palettes and at the heart of the minimalism concept. Opt for creams, whites and metallic finishes such as steel and chrome. When it comes to materials in the room itself, choose glass and metal, as well as plastic or painted wood for furniture. Fabrics should be soft, like satin or faux fur, and they should have a hint of sheen or sparkle; unless of course they are matte in an interesting way.


Storage and Furniture

Finding the right storage and furniture can make all the difference to your home office design. You should still opt for modern materials like glass, metal and certain woods or plastic which can be easily sourced from Home In Online. When it comes to storage though – keeping things organised, out of sight and out of mind – you need plenty of it. Tidy storage is at the heart of the minimalist office, and it can come in the form of bags, boxes, drawers or furniture. The important thing to remember is that all surface (with the exception of the home office desk) need to be kept completely clear, so everything needs to be packed away; if you have too much to pack away then invest in some sticky labels.


Accessories and Finishing Touches

Accessorising your modern and minimalist home office can be fun, but you need to keep a check on yourself, so as not to go overboard. Keep it classy with a Newton’s Cradle, perhaps a plant (or Bonsai) and some sleek desk accessories. When it comes to desk accessories and stationery, try incorporating transparent plastic or metallic finishes, for everything from desk tidies and letter trays to notepads and staplers. A great way to liven up blank walls without compromising the minimalism is to hang abstract art in muted colours, in the same palette as the other colours used in the room. Don’t turn your office into a gallery though; select a few key pieces that will make a tasteful statement.


Modern minimalist offices are just one of many types of offices out there. You can have a shabby chic workspace, a New York loft inspired room or a melting pot of all your favourite things. Whatever your final decision, remember that there is more to your home office than your desk, and that decoration should be a priority too.

16th December 2014

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