How To Make A Modern Office Look Vintage

Inside the Home In Online offices we know it’s surprising how quickly something you have bought can age with all the love and use it gets, however, when you buy something and try to age it – it just doesn’t work.

So, you’ve either recently relocated offices, fancy a change or you’re starting a home business and feel that you would prefer a vintage feel, as opposed to a modern and fresh look. How can this be achieved without having to spend copious amounts of money on vintage furniture imported from around the world? Well, read on for a few ideas and tips.


French White

A rustic looking piece of French furniture in a washed out, slightly greyish white really captures the essence of ‘much loved’ and ‘much used’. If you already have a white office desk, try brushing it with a stiff and coarse brush to add scratches to the paintwork, and then paint on a layer of off-white or cream to aid the rustic look. If this sounds like it could go wrong for you, try just changing things like the handles and adding straw bows to some of the features within the office.


Tea Bag Staining

While this may sound like something you did when you were younger to create great projects for history class, it can be used to great effect now too. Try making items such as folders, pen holders and project books look dated by spreading used teabags on them to create a parchment type look.


Go Industrial

If you are working in a larger space, such as a converted warehouse or an old building, try leaving the brickwork visible. One of the best ways to create a classic industrial look is to paint any metal against the bare brick a pillar-box red. When purchasing office furniture, go for minimalist and metallic greys to create a true, raw industrial feel. If you feel you need to add some warmth to a larger space, low hanging lights can work very well while keeping in with the industrial feel.


Big Windows or High Ceilings

One of the great benefits of large windows or high ceilings is that they offer scope to be tailored to a certain era or age. With the right budget, accessorising your windows and ceiling décor with beams or lighting can emphasise the desired age of the space. If you are fortunate enough to be in an office that is a converted barn or warehouse, make the most of the setting and be sure to accentuate the period features (or create your own).


These are just a few of Home In Online ideas and tips on how to create a sense of vintage and olde-world charm in your office, whether it as at home or in a traditional working environment. For more ideas and options for your office furniture, take a look around our website.


15th December 2014

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