Home Office Health And Safety

Here at Home In Online we understand that health and safety gets a bad rep when it comes to employees that sit at a desk for hours on end; the bizarre and the far-fetched often come up when describing things that could go wrong in such an environment, where you barely move. Nonetheless, when working from home, there are far more health and safety factors to contend with, and there is no one left to blame but yourself!


So with that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the things that really could go wrong while working at home:

 Hot Drinks

Realistically, it isn’t the computer, or the home office desk or the boss’s emails that keep office workers going; it’s the cuppas. Unfortunately, said fuel can create a genuine hazard, especially with electrical goods. To help keep your tea in the mug, try not to overfill it; ¾ full should suffice. Also, consider placing the mug away from your technical equipment. This may mean placing it on another desk or on a cabinet to the side of you. Some places sell ‘spill proof’ cups or cup holders too, but either way – keep it clear of electric and you! Visit our website to discover the UK's most ergonomic home office furniture!


PAT Testing

Almost all environments in the public and working sector require electrical items to be PAT tested (Personal Appliance Testing). This is a small test done by an electrician to ensure that all cables and appliances are suitable for safe use and that the correct voltage is running through. While this may not be compulsory when working at home, it is certainly not a bad thing to do for your own safety.



Working from home can be great for spending more time with partners, families and children; however, their safety must be kept at the forefront of your mind. If you have trailing wires, be aware and put some tape over them or highlight them with a brightly coloured electrical tape. This will prevent anyone tripping over them. Pets are generally very curious to any changes within the home and if you have recently set up your home office, they may fancy exploring. Try to ensure that when they are being nosey there is nothing around that could harm them, such as drawing pins or cables they could chew.



One of the largest causes for trips and falls in an office environment is trailing wires and cables. Do your best to tie all cables together and tape over them, or keep them well out the way of walkways. Be wary, particularly at home, not to overcrowd plug sockets that are not equipped to deal with the amount of voltage going through them. Extensions piled on extensions are a disaster waiting to happen, so prioritise what needs charging and unplug/switch off those that are not in use.


These are some of Home In Online most common - and often forgotten about - health and safety issues that can cause real damage or injury. Of course, it is better to prevent a situation from arising than to have to try and deal with the consequences. So pay attention to your home office health and safety.


12th December 2014

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