What Your Desk Says About You

How people perceive you and associate with you depends on much more than what you say. Your actions and your surroundings can speak volumes about you without you ever saying a word or even being in the same room. Today, Home In Online will talk about office desks and what they say about your personality.

Your desk speaks for you, even when you are not around. The question is, what is it saying? Positive actions go a long way in creating a strong impression. However, an unorganized desk can send a conflicting message. It is worth taking a few minutes to organise your desk and your workspace to ensure both reflect your professional abilities.


A Sterile Desk is Creepy

A clean workspace is greatly appreciated. Anything beyond that could be regarded as a bit extreme. For example, if your computer desk and drawer is full of air fresheners and sanitizers, it could be an indication of a dangerous obsession. Don’t become popular in the office for the wrong reasons. Hide the anti-bacterial hand wash, keep it in a drawer and don’t use it in front of everyone. Take a look on our website for an extensive range of computer desks today!


Sticky Notes Mean A Lack of Computer Skills

A few sticky notes on your bulletin board are fine as they give the impression that you are organised and have priorities. However, too much of anything can be bad. If a big portion of your cubicle is full of sticky notes, it could indicate a backlog, pile up and an inability to handle office tasks.

Furthermore, they may indicate a lack of computer skills. Did you know that the latest Windows operating system comes with a sticky notes application? Now you no longer have to decorate your wall in all yellow. Your computer can store, display or minimize it on your screen as you see fit.


Whose Cubicle Is this Again?

We've talked about how adding things to your office desk can backfire. Now let’s take a look at the other end of the spectrum. Not adding anything or very little addition can have a similar backlash. The whole idea of adding things to a cubicle or a home office desk from Home In Online is to make the workspace yours. Everything about it should reflect your personality so that others can look at your desk and immediately associate you with it.

A barren desk would indicate that nobody sits there. As an employee you want to make sure your presence in the office is felt, even when you are not there. Add a few smart things to your workspace such as a diploma or a few professional journals. Your favourite photograph is also a great addition to any home office or workspace.


Your workspace, be it a home office or a cubicle in a high rise building, reflects you in every way. Your desk or rather what’s on it speaks volumes about your interests and passions. So, create a good impression by adding the right items and you’ll stand out from the crowd.


4th December 2014

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