The British Stationery Home Invasion

Hey you, yes, you! Have you noticed something in the British air lately? Here at Home In Online we have noticed, and it’s cool. Cool Britannia is officially back and the British Isles has something to shout about again. After falling into global recession, the people of Britain have reason to celebrate. Ok, so we didn't quite succeed in the World Cup and Andy Murray lost his Wimbledon title, but we can still stand proud about many other things, mainly, our cultures!

Across the globe, Britain is known for being the original innovators of creativity and cool. Our fashion industry captivated the world, with timeless styles that keep returning to the high street, decades after they originally came out. Our architects are being hired in Asia and the Middle East to design buildings that touch the sky.

Art enthusiasts travel across several seas to come and view our crafts and museums. American music artists have been worshipping at the feet of British music makers since the beginning of time, with the likes of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Who, all being attributed as influential to many contemporary US artists. We also gave the world counter-cultures, such as mods, rockers and punk. Our dance music from the 80s evolved into rave, a culture that has only recently been picked up by Americans; twenty years after it happened in the UK!

So with all this in mind, we have come up with a few ways to make your home office more patriotic, and colorful in light of our national celebratory mood.


I.        Pillows, rugs, lamps and drapes

If you have white office furniture that you feel isn't quite giving your home any glamour, then why not brighten up your desk or room, with some union jack colours. There is an abundance of red, white and blue throw pillows you can use to bring life into any dull office environment.

How about decorating your black glass computer desk with some union jack lampshades, which would really compliment your home office. You can really get into the swing of things, by adding a patriotic rug or set of drapes to your collection. In no time, you will have an office environment that inspires you, and compliments your style and taste.


II.        Stationery

Some of us don’t have a whole cupboard to dedicate to stationery, while the rest of us don’t even have enough room to situate a cupboard around our home office desks. If this is the case, then why not jazz up your personal office by getting creative with some fashionable stationery. Honour the countries counter-cultures, by picking up some 60s retro inspired stationery. You can pick up British themed mousepads, embellished in paisley, polka dots, mosaic and Aztec mod designs.


III.        Pop art

No office would be complete without the quintessential British pop art. We know that artists take inspiration from what’s around them, so why not take a leaf out of their book and do the same. Imagine hanging up a large canvas of the greatest British band ever; The Beatles, above your black corner desk. Inspired themselves by 60s pop art, the Beatles went on to influence multiple generations and spread a positive message across continents.


So get in the mood and celebrate our nation’s rebirth, by dressing up your home office with some quirky and cool stationery accessories from Home In Online. For further information on home office desks in the UK, then please feel free to visit our website and have a browse.


1st December 2014

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