Home Office Decor: Coffee Shop Chic

Here at Home In Online we all agree there’s something about coffee shops. It might be the subtle but edgy surroundings, the background hum of relaxed chit-chat or the caffeine-charged aroma. Whatever it is, more and more self-employed workers and telecommuters are foregoing a home office deskand setting up shop at their favourite table, with a brew in hand instead.

For the most part, this great coffee shop movement is understandable. After all, the digital age has changed where and how we work, with a have laptop will travel attitude. But what if you would rather work closer to home?

Maybe you need to be close to home so you can create a better work/life balance. Perhaps you work best before dawn, sat in your pyjamas. It could even be that you’re dangerously close to having to re-mortgage in order to fund your coffee habit. Either way, you will want to fall back in love with your home office. For the most innovative ways to spice up your home office view our website for simple inspiration today! And just how do you go about that?

Well, you need to make sure your desk is inviting and that your home office space is conducive to work and maximises productivity. You don’t have to go cold and corporate though. You can recreate the appeal and ambience of the classic coffee shop, complete with its slightly grungy, 1990s inspired aesthetic. To see how, read the top three tips below.


Invest in the right furniture

The key to office furniture is to strike a balance between practicality and visual appeal. You will need to ensure that your desk is sturdy and functional, as well as the right size and shape for the room. You will also need to make sure you have enough surface and storage space for everything, be it files and folders or merchandise and knick-knacks. As for your chair, you need to consider comfort and correct posture in equal measure. To give your office that coffee shop feel, opt for a worn-looking leather chair, chunky painted pieces and warm wooden tones or printed fabrics.


Add the finishing touches

There are certain aspects of a coffee shop that work well in any setting. In fact, it is these subtle finishing touches that epitomise the atmosphere and help to recreate it. You can start with the desk accessories and opt for Seattle style brushed metals and painted wood or pottery. You could even use a few coffee mugs and saucers to hold pens and various bits of stationery. To really recreate the coffee shop atmosphere, invest in a few coffee-themed accessories and make sure you have a chilled out acoustic soundtrack to work to.


Incorporate the all-important coffee

Perhaps the biggest appeal of any coffee shop is, well, the coffee. To really recreate the experience, invest in a quality espresso machine or one-cup coffee maker for the office. You can stock up on all the richest blends and get a little mini fridge for milk and cream. Just don’t forget to top it off with a brightly coloured oversized mug, just the right size and shape for cupping between your hands so you can taste that sweet, caffeinated goodness.


Of course, there’s no reason you can’t visit your beloved coffee shop on occasion – after all, a flexible working day needs its perks. For the most part though, your home office from Home In Online deskneeds to be the heart and soul of your working life. So instead of paying through the nose for a hot drink in a trendy spot, create your own coffee shop chic home office.  


25th November 2014

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