Unique Desk Décor

Your home office desk is your work sanctuary and should be decorated exactly the way you want, in a way that helps to motivate you and bring out your wild, creative side. While you may prefer to keep things modest, there’s no reason you can’t make your space a little more personal and inspiring.

From empty jam jars as pen pots to a full desk face-lift with blackboard paint and home-made chalk, there’s so much you can use around the home to revamp your home office, not to mention those cute little craft shops you find on the corner.

One of the best ways to add a touch of personal décor to your desk is to decide what style you want to introduce into the room. For example, if you would prefer to go all-out vintage, things like floral bunting, teeny hanging lanterns, inspiring sayings and decorative, lacy cushions can help to set the scene. On the other hand, if a contemporary design is more your style, things like space-age wall clocks, metallic and glass finishes and monochrome palettes can help you achieve that fresh new feel.


Then again, if you’re in-between designs, but want to make your home office shine, there are a few things you can do to incorporate bits and bobs from every style. Below we have compiled a few ways you can use ideas and design concepts from different popular styles, combining them in your final home office desk design.


Map of the World

Lots of people who work from home love to travel with nothing but their laptop, a small suitcase and the clothes on their back for an exciting yet inspiring trip. Travelling can be great for those who struggle to stay motivated sitting at the same desk, in the same room every single day. Not only can it be an eye-opening journey, but you get to meet lots of fascinating people on your travels and for most, learn to channel your inner creativity.

If this sounds just like you, then why not cover your current desk in a map of the world? Not only will it look fantastic and unique, but you will be able to mark where you’ve been every time you return from your travels to make it that little bit more personal.

As well as the map of the world, you can also remind yourself of a few friendly faces from your journey by popping a few framed photographs on your desk.


Mind Map

If you’re the type of person who needs to jot everything down before you forget it, and you enjoy making mind maps, why not turn your desk into a huge blank canvas, ideal for when you have a million ideas at once.

There are several different materials you can use for this blank canvas, but perhaps the best one to go for is card. Also, instead of super gluing it down only to be ripped to shreds when you try and swap it over for a new ‘blank canvas’ consider using Blu-Tac to keep it in place. This way, when the time comes to swap it for some new card, you can simply remove it, replace the Blu-Tac and pop your completed mind map on the wall, so you never have to lose your ideas again! You will also want to stock up on coloured pens, black markers and pencil for drawings; it’s time to go stationery shopping!



Post-it notes always come in handy; whether you’re on the phone and need to jot down a number or you have a brilliant idea that’s about to escape your mind, post-it notes are your best friend. So, why not make use of your new-found pals and create a colour-coded checkerboard desk!

It may take a bit of getting used to, trying to remember which colour means what, but it’s a great way to make sure you never misplace an important note ever again. You can buy post-it notes on the cheap too, so there’s no hassle with expensive paper. Plus, they come in handy for things like reminders if you don’t have a noticeboard.


These are just three types of unique desk décor! Do you have any more that you’d like to recommend?


22nd September 2014

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