Des(k)tined For Computer Gaming

With computer gaming becoming one of the highest grossing forms of entertainment in recent years, finding new and innovative ways to enhance the overall experience has become something of a must for developers and gamers alike. Gaming in general has come on leaps and bounds through console, PC and mobile outlets. Companies are investing thousands if not millions into the gaming industry as a whole and we have seen gaming reach unprecedented levels of realism and interactivity.

Gaming is no longer just about the games, but the entire experience. Peripherals like virtual reality headsets, gaming chairs and motion capture devices are now firmly at the forefront of the gaming agenda and look set to push gaming to whole new levels. But what about the surfaces we play these games on, shouldn’t they have a tech upgrade too?

Well, a Kickstarter firm seems to think so too. Dubbed the ‘Paradise Desk’ the firm have created the very first desk designed for computer enthusiasts who want a premium gaming desk. The concept of the desk is to act like an extension of your computer and all its devices, including the computer tower and monitor which plug directly into the desk. In order to avoid the conventional conundrums of plugging and unplugging devices, the desk has been specially designed to eliminate the awkwardness of bending over and reaching behind the computer. By being able to plug the computer and additional devices directly into the desk, the user can avoid the usual mess of tangled wires; a most welcome development.  


Spectacular Surface

According the site the Paradise Desk comes in at:

‘Inches - 62 width x 28 length x 2.75 height (just the table top) - Total height 30.5 (feet are adjustable)

Cm - 157.5 width x 71 length x 7 height (just the table top) - Total height 77.5 (feet are adjustable)

Standard tower clearance height: 22.75 (57.7 cm’

The Paradise Desk comes armed to the teeth with USB ports, seven in total. These are placed strategically on the desk’s surface to ensure optimal usage is achieved for both the computer and its additional devices. The Paradise Desk is something of a pioneering piece for both the company and the industry.

The new Kickstarter kids on the block view their creation as a “superior” piece of kit. On their site, they go into more detail about the functionality of the desk’s USB prowess and their locations saying:

‘One of the ports is located on the front left side and allow the user to quickly plug in a portable hard drive, USB key, iPod or even USB headphones, directly into the computer. And we can’t think of anyone who enjoys changing the batteries in their wireless mouse or dealing with the mess of cords around their desk, so we’ve placed another three USB ports in the centre of the desk. These ports allow the user the flexibility of plugging in wired or wireless devices, such as a keyboard, mouse, etc. They are hidden within a drawer that swings open that also allows you to store excess cables. There are three more ports located on the back of the desk for larger devices, such as a printer.’

In addition to the plethora of USB outlets on offer the Paradise Desk also comes bundled with an impressive array of features which include:

  • 4 x 110v power plugs

  • A DVI plug

  • 3.5mm Headphone jack

  • 3.5mm Microphone jack

  • 3.5mm Speaker jack

  • On/Off switch for LED lighting

  • Toggle audio switch for headphones to speakers

As you can see the Paradise Desk looks to usher in a new era of gaming, eventually ‘bridging the gap between you and the machine.’


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18th September 2014

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