Keeping Your Desk Tip Top

Keeping your desk in tip top condition is important, especially when you’re snowed under with work or just foraging for that vital piece of paper. Taking a proactive to approach to desk cleanliness (well cleanliness in general) will help to enhance a number of key areas, both inside and outside the world of work. So if you need a reason to clear the clutter then check out our handy tips on “Keeping your desk Tip Top.”


Plan (order)

Getting anything done can be difficult especially when your desk looks like a cesspit of paper, wrappers and stationary. A well - organised desk on the other hand can actually boost your productivity, meaning you’ll be able to get far more done than you usual.

TIP: If you’re the type who can’t simply throw anything away (aka a hoarder) then investing in a few boxes and binders is a great way to minimise clutter without filling the bin. That being said, it couldn’t hurt to sift through the rubbish on your desk, throwing away (or rather recycle if at all possible) the stuff you really don’t need.



In addition to the aspect of order, a tidy desk will help to foster and increase productivity. All the times spent scrambling for loose sheets, client numbers and invoice reports will all be a thing of the past. By demonstrating a stronger and overall consistent work ethic like this, management (for instance) could take note and you could be in line for a raise.

TIP: To truly be productive, try to take a more systematic approach to your work. There’s no point scrambling from one task to another, as your work will likely suffer as a result.



Believe it or not but a desk can speak volumes about a person. A chaotic and messy working space usually suggests that the person who owns it is of the same character. A well-presented desk on the other hand conveys an employee of professional and reputable standing.

TIP: Scheduling a regular cleaning routine is a great way to stay on top of the mound of mess, before it turns into a mountain. If you have not cleaned your desk in a month, it could take you a few hours to tidy it up. However, if you do it daily, it should only take a few moments.


And there you have it Home In Online's quick tips on “keeping your desk tip top.” If you’re in need of a few more, then why not browse our blog section for more handy hints.

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2nd September 2014

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