10 Uses For a Home Office

10 Uses For a Home Office
Technology has made it far easier for people to work from remote locations. For this reason alone, many private properties now include workspace potential - varying from box rooms to larger, more expansive home offices.

Technology has made it far easier for people to work from remote locations. For this reason alone, many private properties now include workspace potential - varying from box rooms to larger, more expansive home offices.

But these rooms are not all about the daily grind. UK homeowners are finding it highly practical and pleasurable to have space in their home for hobbies and activities too.


Remote Working

Starting with the most obvious, having a dedicated office space in your private property enables you to put forward a convincing argument to an employer that you can work from home for a part, or even all, of the working week.

Employers are more flexible on this now, particularly as remote working enables them to save on office space at their premises. There is also evidence that productivity increases when staff are permitted to work from the comfort of their own home.

It certainly avoids time wasted commuting and the stress of getting to the office on time. One report into working from home found that 58% of employers are now willing to offer flexible working arrangements.


Starting a Business From a Home Office

On a similar theme, home offices are a great advantage if you join the growing number of British people who decide to be their own boss. Either as a standalone enterprise or a franchise, starting up your own venture is increasingly popular. If your business is in its early days, keeping overheads to a minimum can be important. Having a dedicated office in your home provides a suitable place to work without needing to rent additional office space.

Many small businesses and startups these days are based online, so can be operated very successfully from even a modest space with an office desk, computer and telephone. Having an office in your home also provides somewhere focused and easy to get to, helping you to work on getting a business off the ground in evenings and spare time if you’re not quite yet ready to give up the day job.


Projecting a Professional Image to Employers and Clients

Whether you are employed or self-employed, having a physical office in your home can make it look like you “mean business”. This is particularly true if you ever have colleagues, customers, clients or suppliers visiting you there. Having your work stuff crammed into a living room, garage or (heaven forbid) bedroom, can look inappropriate and ruin your credibility.

A home office shows a degree of professionalism and commitment to being organised and efficient. Even if you actually work from a laptop at the kitchen table most days! An office also acts as a great backdrop if you regularly speak to colleagues or clients via video conferencing, helping you to look professional and focused.


Keeping On Top of Home Management

Getting organised is not just something you need to do for work, as household bills and money management can be a headache.

Some homeowners find a home office ideal to store paperwork, but also as a place to deal with the nitty-gritty of life. Instead of trying to juggle your bills and bank account with lots of distractions, you can shut the door of your home office to focus on what needs to be done. That can even include everything from making shopping lists to booking family holidays.



Gaming is big business in the UK, and not just the technology. It has spurned a wide range of furniture and other merchandise to support avid or even occasional gamers.

For many, the ultimate dream is to have a home office that can be used as a specific gaming room. Whether as a space to store a collection of vintage consoles, set up a racing simulator, explore worlds in virtual reality or create the ultimate computer desk configuration, all the equipment and furnishing can be configured to a gamer’s exact requirements and left undisturbed by regular movement in the rest of the home.

With a home office, players can shut the door and be free to enter gaming worlds with complete immersion.


Study Area

If you have young people or even mature students in your home, then having office space can be a great investment in their studies. Setting up computer equipment and study aids in one designated area of the house provides better focus and concentration. You can study without distractions and with all your materials in one place.

Whether for children completing school homework, university students working on projects and dissertations or professionals extending their knowledge with additional courses and qualifications, a home office can be the perfect place to focus on the task at hand and really make the most out of time designated to studying.


Music room

With all the wonderful equipment available these days to create home music systems, some home offices naturally double as a place to listen to your favourite genre in peace.

While the rest of the household goes about their business, a home office means you can practice your own music making too if you are learning to play an instrument.

The range of powerful music production programmes now available means that more people are able to produce their own music using a desktop or laptop. Having a room in your home set aside for this allows you to concentrate on the work and even set up the acoustics perfectly for recording or listening.


Arts and Crafts Space

For self-employment or for pleasure, many people take up arts and crafts projects. The list of possibilities is endless if you have a creative flair or you just fancy trying your hand at making and creating.

A home office can be the ideal place to store your tools, materials and projects and gives you space for a desk or workbench, depending on the type of work you will be doing.

If you are making items to sell, perhaps online, the space can be a studio, workshop and office all in one.


Reading Room

Whether you use an electronic book reader or you prefer the feel of the traditional printed word, a home office can be the perfect spot to curl up with a good book or your daily newspaper.

You might want to include a cosy armchair or sofa in the room as well as a generous amount of bookcases or storage for all your books.

Some people include music players, coffee machines and other things they like to have while getting lost in a book so that they can really enjoy their reading time.


Oasis of Calm and Quiet

On a similar note, some folk use their home office for a mixture of all those purposes, with one overriding aim; to find peace and solitude.

Particularly if you have a full household and a lot of demands on your time, having somewhere to go, to shut the door and relax, can be an absolute godsend.

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4th September 2018

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