8 Rules For Office Etiquette

8 Rules For Office Etiquette
Not everyone who works in an office has the luxury of having their own space. For the majority of people, working in an office means working in close proximity to their colleagues.

Not everyone who works in an office has the luxury of having their own space. For the majority of people, working in an office means working in close proximity to their colleagues. Although there are many perks to having people around you as you work, like friendly conversation and a helping hand when you need it, there are also a few rules to live by if you want to work in a harmonious office. Here are some of these rules:

Sure, it's nice to catch up on the gossip from the weekend, but when all is said and done, you and your colleagues have a job to do. There's nothing more annoying than a colleague that won't leave you alone when you're trying to concentrate on finishing a project on time. Try and leave the heavy conversations for break times, so everyone can get their work done.

If you've ever worked in an office when someone has been heating up a fishy meal, you'll know why this is a valid point.

No matter how much you love the taste of garlic, spare your co-workers from the lingering smells!

If you and a few of your co-workers are able to easily sit at your office desks and listen to music while working away, it probably makes the job easier and the day go quicker. However, not everyone is able to concentrate with music playing or other forms of distraction, so it's best to keep them to a minimum. Headphones can be a godsend!

Some people thrive in chaos, but an untidy work space is the last thing you need in an office. Firstly, they say a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind and that makes it difficult to complete tasks successfully. Secondly, it will become difficult for you to find the things you need if they're buried under a pile of clutter and if you can't find the information a co-worker requests quickly, it makes everyone's lives harder. Well designed and organised office furniture and space is far more conducive to a productive atmosphere.

It's typical for illness to set in when you're at your busiest in work. You have deadlines to meet and people who are relying on you, but you also have blurred vision, congestion and uncontrollable sneezing. It may riddle you with guilt to leave your colleagues in the lurch when it comes to work, but they'll certainly thank you for keeping your germs to yourself. Going into the office when you're unwell just means you're prolonging the inevitable and you'll pass your illness on, leaving your colleagues no choice but to take time off too.

Colleagues should always have respect for each other if they want to work in harmony. There's no getting around it; you have to share your space with the people you work with. Your time in the office will be far more pleasant if you can respect your colleagues and they respect you in return. Set your boundaries early on and address any issues diplomatically. Encourage your co-workers to do the same by continuing to keep the lines of communication open.

Working in an office space means you'll be working with a variety of different people in a close setting. These different personalities don't always mix well and you may find there are a few people you'd normally run a mile from in the outside world. But, in the office, you're forced to get along and work together. Even if a few of your colleagues annoy you, it's important to remain calm and tolerant.

You need the people you work with. An office environment is often viewed as one big team. To be a team player you must be willing to help others and work towards a common goal. Make sure you're on the same page as everyone else, instead of isolating yourself and sticking to your own job. Be creative and come up with solutions to problems that will help everyone, not just yourself.

5th September 2018

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