Choosing The Perfect Home Computer Desk For Your Room

Choosing The Perfect Home Computer Desk For Your Room


It is becoming increasingly common for people to work from home, whether it is full time or on a flexible basis. When doing so, many will look for a way that they can transform some of the spare space in their home into a dedicated workspace and you don’t need a lot of office furniture to do this effectively. Realistically, as long as you have a home computer desk and an office chair, you will be able to work efficiently from any room in your house. 


Thankfully, there are several home office desks on the market nowadays and it is incredibly easy to find something no matter where you’re looking to set up a workspace. If you’re contemplating where would be best for your “home office” to go and you’re wondering what is available desk-wise to help you make this decision, below are some of the best home computer desks on the market for each room in your home. 


Living room


For many, their living room is their biggest room and therefore the best place for them to put their home computer desk. It isn’t actually as difficult as you may expect to find a desk that won’t pull focus or clutter the room and some brilliant options include; 


  • Compact glass desk - This stylish and contemporary desk won’t look out of place in any modern living room, and it can be used even when you’re not working.  

  • A simple desk with drawers - This minimalistic desk has neat handleless drawers for convenient storage and it isn’t very deep, so it won’t take up too much space. 


Dining room


If you have a dining room, then this is another place you could put your home computer desk and it will keep it out of your most commonly used living areas. When wanting to tuck your workspace away as much as possible, you can choose from; 


  • Tall corner desk workstation - This compact desk easily slots into the corner of the room and with plenty of smart storage, you won’t require any other office furniture.  

  • Folding desk with storage - This is a brilliant desk because it can be completely folded away when not in use, so it won’t be intrusive at all on your usable space. 




Should you be wanting to keep your communal rooms as they are, you have the option to put your home office desk in your bedroom. Several different desks will work brilliantly in a bedroom that can also be multifunctional, such as; 


  • Classic desk with drawers - This desk is perfect if you want to be able to tidy away work equipment at the end of the way and it could easily be used as a dressing table too. 

  • Minimalist desk - This simplistic desk will work in any bedroom and it can easily be accessorised to match your interior design. 


Spare room


When you have a spare room that you’re able to completely transform into a home office, then you will have a vast number of home computer desk designs to choose from. To narrow things down, some of the most sought after include; 


  • Large glass top corner desk - This is a really spacious modern-looking desk and it is perfect if you have a lot of spare floor space. 

  • Classic office desk -  This has everything you could need all in one desk, with a spacious worktop, filing cabinet, drawers and cupboard, it really is a brilliant all-rounder. 


Purchasing a home computer desk


Hopefully, now that you know just how versatile the range of home office desks is nowadays, you will easily be able to find something perfect for your home, no matter where you choose to create your workspace. It is fair to say that any of the desk options mentioned above will work brilliantly in any home, no matter what your interior design may be like, so you won’t have the hassle of navigating the market for something suitable. 

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Posted by Tegan Rannie
3rd February 2021

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