Popular Features To Look For When Purchasing An Office Chair

Popular Features To Look For When Purchasing An Office Chair


As it becomes more common for people to work from home, the number of people searching for ergonomic office chairs is increasing. Whilst people will try working on a dining room chair or even an armchair or the sofa, it usually only takes a day or so for them to realise that this isn’t comfortable and it definitely isn’t a suitable long term solution. So, many will take to the internet in search of the best value office chairs. 


When starting to browse the market, it is beneficial to know a little bit more about the different features of ergonomically designed office chairs. As you may expect, there are a number of brilliant features these days, all of which are designed to improve your working day and thankfully, they are effective in doing so. When you’re looking for a chair for your home office, below are some of the most popular features to look out for. 


Adjustable backrest


For many, an adjustable backrest is an essential feature when purchasing an office chair and there is no denying that this plays a vital role in your comfort. Being able to adjust things such as the lumbar support and the angle of the backrest will help to ensure you can sit all day without any discomfort. The tilt tension feature really is a must-have as well. 


Adjustable height


It can be easy to overlook the fact that an office chair needs height adjustment features, but simply put, without these you might not even be able to fit the chair under your desk. Due to the fact that this is so important, even the best value office chairs will have adjustable seat heights now, so you can ensure that your feet are able to touch the floor when you’re working too. 


Adjustable armrests


Whilst an armrest is optional and it isn’t always essential in ergonomic chairs, many people prefer having somewhere they can lightly rest their elbows and lower arms. In order to ensure that an armrest will be comfortable, often adjustable armrests are commonly sought-after. In addition to this, some even look for detachable armrests too so they don’t have to be a permanent feature.  


Breathable mesh back


Traditionally, upholstered office chairs and leather office chairs were by far the most popular options available on the market, but now with the introduction of breathable mesh backs, they aren’t always the first choice. There are a number of benefits to opting for a chair with a mesh back, from increased comfort to better ventilation, and it is easy to see why they are so popular. Of course, this feature makes an office chair more modern in design too. 


Swivel base


Being able to swivel around on their office chair is a must for many and, thankfully, most chairs are built with this feature. It is likely that if your chair is able to swivel, you will find it much easier to reach various pieces of equipment in your home office and you will be less likely to injure yourself in any way when attempting to get to things without moving off of your chair. 




This feature may not actually affect your comfort when you’re sitting in the chair for extended periods of time, but it can make things much more convenient. Being able to move from one area of your home office to another without having to stand up is a bonus for lots of people, so it isn’t uncommon for them to look for chairs with wheels rather than standard feet. 


Purchasing the best value office chair


Nowadays, the range of different office chairs available really do benefit from a number of features and it is easier than ever before to find a chair that meets all of your individual needs and requirements. When deciding which chair to purchase for your home office, be sure to consider which of the features above are most important to you, you can then ensure that the chair that you purchase ticks all of your boxes. 


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25th February 2021

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