Top Tips For Creating A Workspace In A Small Room

Top Tips For Creating A Workspace In A Small Room

It is becoming increasingly common for people to work from home, even if this is just on a flexible basis, and it goes without saying that in order to be productive when you’re working remotely, it is important to have a dedicated workspace. Thankfully, contrary to popular belief, you really can create a usable workspace almost anywhere and you don’t necessarily need to have a big spare room that you’re able to completely take over. 


Even if you only have an alcove or a corner of a room, for example, with some careful planning, you can turn any area of your home into a brilliant workspace. If you’re not really sure where to start or what office furniture to purchase when creating a workspace in a smaller room, we have put together some helpful tips. Using the information below and a little bit of creativity, you will have a brilliant working space in no time. 


Opt for a space-saving office desk


It is fair to say that the desk is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any office space, but your desk doesn’t have to be really big. If you only have a small room, consider purchasing a space-saving folding desk or even a corner desk, this way you will have someone convenient to work from but your desk won’t take up too much floor space. 


Purchase multifunctional furniture


Whenever you’re furnishing a small room, it is always beneficial to invest in furniture that can be multipurpose. So, at the very least, you should ensure that you’re purchasing a small desk with drawers that can be used for storage, but you might want to consider getting a multifunctional workstation instead. The more useful one singular piece of furniture can be, the better. 


Make the most of any wall space


If you don’t have a lot of floor space, you should always ensure that you’re using the wall space that you have instead. So, for example, instead of purchasing a filing cabinet that takes up valuable floor space, consider installing some shelves instead. Think outside the box when purchasing home office furniture and be inventive with how you use different pieces. 


Choose a compact office chair


A comfortable and ergonomically designed office chair is a must when you’re working from home, and you shouldn’t compromise on this because you don’t have much space. Instead of using something like a dining chair because it is smaller, simply take a look at some of the more compact office chair designs. Sometimes, these can be just as small as dining chairs.


Ensure you have adequate storage solutions


There is no denying that having plenty of storage is important in any workspace, but it is even more important when you’re in a small room. Ideally, you should have enough storage solutions that all of your essentials can be packed away and the office can be kept clutter-free. Again, consider using less conventional pieces of furniture if they work in the space you have. 


Add some personality to the room


Of course, it is so important to make sure that when you’re creating a workspace you don’t get so caught up in purchasing the right home office furniture that you forget to make the room somewhere that inspires you and that you like to spend time. Remember to add some personality to the room, whether this is with wall art, ornaments or some plants/flowers. 


Purchasing home office furniture


Ultimately, no matter how small your room may be or how much space you have to use when you’re working from home, it is possible to create a workspace where you can be productive during working hours. It is fair to say that as long as you purchase the correct home office furniture and keep size and proportions in mind, you will find that you’re able to work efficiently, no matter how much floor space you have. 


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31st March 2021

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