Unique Uses For Modern Home Office Bookcases

Unique Uses For Modern Home Office Bookcases

It is fair to say that there are lots of different pieces of furniture that you can expect to see in a home office, from a desk to a filing cabinet, and all of these pieces are essential to productivity when you’re working remotely. One piece of home office furniture that is commonly used elsewhere in the home too is a bookcase and it is fair to say that this is arguably one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that you’re likely to come across in a workspace. 


Traditionally, bookcases were solely used to store books, hence their name, but these days, lots of homeowners are getting creative with modern home office bookcases. If you’ve never really thought about purchasing a bookcase because you don’t tend to use books or ring binder folders at work, below we have looked into some of the many different unique ways this piece of furniture can be used throughout your home. 


Clothes and shoe shortage


Modern home office bookcases can actually be really useful in bedrooms, walk-in-wardrobes and dressing rooms. Many will use a bookcase for folded clothes storage and it is brilliant for things such as jeans and jumpers. This piece of furniture is also perfect for shoe storage too and it can be a great way to neatly display all of your favourite pairs of shoes. 


DVD and CD storage


Lots of homeowners will also use a modern home office bookcase in their living room or cinema room and it is a great piece of furniture if you’re in need of somewhere to store all of your DVDs and CDs. Sometimes, people will even turn a bookcase on its side and use it as a TV stand too, and it’s really useful if you have lots of consoles which need a new home. 


A bed headboard


You will find modern home office bookcases used in bedrooms too and not always in the way you’d expect them to be. It is becoming increasingly common for this piece of furniture to be used as a headboard and it is incredibly convenient. Similarly to placing a bookcase behind their bed, some will put them behind a sofa too for a useful alternative to a coffee table or end table. 


Alternative display cabinet


This is probably one of the most frequent uses for a modern home office bookcase that isn’t being used to store books. Many homeowners will place things like photos and ornaments, or anything else they like to have on display, on their bookshelves and they are perfect if you don’t have room for a display cabinet. You always have plenty of display space on a bookcase too. 


Storage box holder


Some homeowners will use modern home office bookcases in their children’s playrooms as well and they are the perfect place to store storage boxes full of toys and games. It is really easy to pick up storage boxes that can slot into the gaps of a bookcase, so you can keep children’s rooms mess and clutter-free without needing additional bulky storage cabinets.  


Pantry food storage


It is quite common for modern home office bookcases to be used in the kitchen or pantry as well and they are brilliant for food storage. Often, homeowners will store jars of things like pasta and rice on their bookshelf, but it’s great for basic tins as well. Sometimes, bookcases will even be transformed into useful wine racks, which can look amazing in a contemporary kitchen. 


Purchasing a modern home office bookcase


All in all, there is no denying that whilst bookcases were originally designed for book storage, they are incredibly versatile and they can be an amazing addition to any room, not just a home office. It is likely that your home could really benefit from a modern home office bookcase, whether you use it in your living room or your bedroom, for example, and it is definitely worth looking into some of the different unique uses mentioned above in more detail. 


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9th April 2021

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